Delivering A Beauty Promise

Delivering A Beauty Promise

Edelora's Revival Serum has active ingredients specifically chosen to deliver long-lasting, repairing effects on your skin that you don't just see, but you can feel. 

If you're looking for a product that gets real, noticeable results, then Edelora's Revival Serum is the perfect choice for your skin. 

Edelora's Revival Serum combines power of natural products that are proven to be beneficial to your skin with the latest advances in skincare. 

A high water-binding ingredient that will give skin and hair proper moisture to prevent it from dehydrating. Its skin-penetrating properties work in harmony with your skin and underlying tissue - reaching the deepest layers with its lubricating effect. We all know beauty is not just on the surface - it's starts from deep within the skin - and Hyalo-Oliga is the foundation to building a flawless complexion by repairing the deepest layers of your skin.

HYALURONIC ACID-BT binds moisture to skin - think of it like a layer that seals in the moisture so it can't escape. It gives your skin elasticity and suppleness - it's that dewy look all the other skin-care products are talking about these days.

After applying it, your skin is immediately protected. It creates a protective layer. The noticeable result is an elastic, hydrated, smooth surface that looks and feels fresh. Don't take our word for it - apply Edelora's Revival Serum - let it work it's magic a minute and then explore your skin - touch it - the result is tactile. You'll feel the difference.

DSH-CN6 acts as an anti-aging, anti-oxidant, anti-stretch mark, firming, and moisturizing agent.

It fights the signs of aging, cleans the skin of impurities and firms up the skin. Especially useful for aging, thin, and fragile skin, it will repair the damage caused to your skin during pregnancy, by the sun, or the effects of aging.

DSH CN6 brings balance and harmony to skin that's had life thrown at it by creating a balance in your skin that is noticeable and long-lasting.