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Our Story

Start from Switzerland


Awakening the beauty in every woman

Edelora is a name combining the words of Edel + ora. 

“Edel” comes from “Edelweiss”, this German word means “noble and white”, or “noble whiteness”, which describes this perennial plant perfectly. “Ora” comes from the word “aura”. We believe every woman has beauty that can be emanated from within. 

The beginning of ÉDELORA

It all began under the majestic summits of Switzerland, a country nestled among the Alps and known worldwide for its natural beauty and purity. It is there the founders of ÉDELORA developed a  formulation from a complex combination of Swiss alpine plant extracts and minerals that works wonders to improve the skin’s natural rejuvenating process.

The key to looking fresher and younger

We believe in consistent, miniscule habits that work to contribute to stronger and healthier skin in the long run.

Our products blend organic plant ingredients harvested on the Swiss Alps with the latest technology developed in our own laboratory.  

Our formulation delivers an immediate smoothing effect, while gradually revealing a more supple, replenished and firm complexion. 

From the world’s best known mountain region comes crystal clear, mineral-rich glacial waters—vital in the formulation of ÉDELORA ’s skincare range. Meticulously extracted the minerals and maintained in its purest forms

Swiss Alpine Spring water properties

Rich in oligo elements/trace metals, such as magnesium and calcium carbonate,  which are  essential in the development and renewal of skin cells